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Why My Husband Does the Laundry

Hi! My name is Monica and I'm a wife & mom to 4 kids, but I don't do laundry or dishes. 


Take a minute to let that sink in, because I know it might seem a bit shocking. 
All settled?  Okay, well, get ready for another blow... My husband does them!!  
Some people might say our arrangement is a bit non-traditional, but I think it's genius (and not just because I've gotten out of those chores. )
Here's the Secret We've Learned...

Relationships Aren't One Size Fits All

Eric and I have been married for almost 13 years now and at this point we both know most of our strengths and weaknesses.  Guess what two of my weaknesses are... yup, laundry and dishes.  I'm not a scheduled enough person to keep those two tasks running smoothly.  When I was in charge, we'd have 4 kids crying that they didn't have clean underwear (totally overrated right) and a husband without clothes to wear to work (oops!)  Instead of trying to force ourselves into "expected" roles, we've learned to look at what our strengths are... 


For me, I'm good at business stuff (that's the technical term), so I do the bills, take care of finances, taxes, college plans, etc..  Eric lives by his calendar and schedule, so laundry every Thursday night, and dishes right after he gets home each day, totally works in his world.  For me, that would cause a minor meltdown (kidding. kinda) 
Whether you've been together for a few months or decades, it can't hurt to look at your strengths and weaknesses and be willing to trade some roles if it would be helpful.  

We too easily fall into the trap of thinking our relationship & roles have to look like everyone else's.

Check out this picture of me and 3 of my closest friends.  We're all married, we all have kids, we're all skilled in completely different ways and I'm happy to report that each of our roles are totally different.
 1 of us does laundry and dishes, 2 of us have turned those jobs over to our spouses, and one of us has the freakin' best nanny ever that takes care of those jobs.  The Best Part...  Each of those scenarios fits each of our relationships just perfectly! 

knowing your & your partner's strengths is so valuable! 

This might sound a tad nerdy, but I LOVE taking personality assessments and quizzes.  If you and your partner never have, I highly recommend it!  Who knows, next week, you might not be doing the dishes! 



Because of all this, when I was creating The Game of Love, it was so important to me that couples could create a game and experience that was JUST RIGHT for them!  I knew, a one size fits all approach would not work.  With a GOL kit, you have the ability to customize each space on your game board and make sure it fits your relationship.  
Of course we've created THE IDEA VAULT to help make customizing your GOL game easy & fun, but I still think that the little inside jokes & your "signature moves" are what will make your game experience completely unique and perfect for YOUR RELATIONSHIP! 


The Moral of the Story?  

Your relationship (and your GOL game board) doesn't need to look like anyone else's. 


Do you and your partner have any unique roles?  I'd love to hear about it.  Leave a Comment Below! 



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May 05, 2015 • Posted by Lisa

Hi Monica, In talking about relationships, my grandparents, who my grandma is 81 and my Grandpa is 90 have different chores. My grandpa makes breakfast and cleans the bathroom. My grandma does everything else. Now my grandpa never did this stuff until 4 to 5 years ago when my grandma broke her arm and got really sick and than he started to do those things. Talk about love and compromise.

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