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5 Bridal Shower Gift Ideas

Many of us are guilty of purchasing the typical bridal shower gift that was listed on the bride and groom's registry; the wine glass set, cookware, picture frames, etc. But this year it's your best friend, your sister, cousin, or college roomie getting married and you need fun & creative bridal shower gift ideas that no one else has thought of because this bride is someone special. Don't worry, we've got your back and 5 Creative Bridal Shower Gift Ideas that will really set your gift apart from the rest...


1. 12 Months of Date Ideas

The first year of marriage is a big journey for any couple, there are tons of changes and challenges ahead for the bride and groom. To help make date night a little less complicated for them, Create a 12 months of Dates- complete with supplies and ideas!  Stalk Pinterest for ideas or you can give them the complete "Year of Dates" binder from our blog friends The Dating Divas.  No boring repeats of dinner and a movie during this first year of marriage!


2. The Game of Love

We should always make time for each other, but it's especially important for the first year of marriage. To help the bride and groom start off on the right foot, send them home with The Game of Love. It's a gift that is customizable to fit just right for any couple.  One fun idea we got from a customer is to let all the ladies at the bridal shower fill in the sheet for the lucky couple! We promise this will be a hysterical activity and totally put to shame any other lame shower games!  


3. DIY Wine Making Kit

Do the bride and groom enjoy date nights that include a bit of vino? Well, now you can bring the winery to them with this Artisan Wine Making Kit. The only stipulation is that after they make the wine they must invite you over for a taste testing of course!

4. Spa Day for Two

We love pampering the bride, but what could be more fun than enjoying a little pampering together? So, instead of just getting a spa day gift certificate for the bride, get one for the groom too. This can even be a gift they enjoy together before the big day; a nice relaxing couples message will help ease the stress the wedding (or in-laws to be) is putting on them.

5. DIY Perfect Pair Gift Basket

Put together a fun "Perfect Pair" gift basket filled with items that pair as well together as the bride and groom. Items like wine and cheese, a movie and popcorn, beer and pretzels, coffee and two mugs, and cute Pj's and The Game of Love are just a few fun ideas you could include, but really, your options are endless! How many perfect pair items can you think of?


The 2015 Wedding season is here.  Which ideas will you be gifting this summer?   

-Monica & The GOL Team

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