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5 Spring Date Ideas


Whether you go out on the town or stay in for date night, we have 5 Spring Date Ideas that you can enjoy on any budget. Check out our date ideas and then leave us a comment telling us which one would fit your relationship best! Or, give your own spring date suggestion- we'd love to hear it! 

1. Scooter Adventure

Is there a nearby town or a section of your own city that you've been dying to explore? Rent a scooter this weekend and explore it together.  Even if you're in your own city, switching up your mode of transportation will change up the experience! Use your phones and snap pictures documenting your entire day. After your date, order a chatbooks  mini photo book with all the pictures you took on your little adventure!  It's the perfect, inexpensive way to document a date day win! 


2. Farmers Market Cook Off

Wake up early one weekend morning and hit a local Farmers Market.  Make your trip into a little game... You each have $10 to spend on ingredients, split up and purchase some fun foods that your partner will have to use to make something for dinner later that night. When you get home trade purchases and see what you each can come up with for dinner!  It might be crazy, but at least it will be fresh & healthy!  

3. Local Winery or Brewery

Visiting your local winery or brewery is a great Spring date idea, but it's also a great way to sample new beer and wine flavors. Most wineries allow you to bring your own food, so when you go bring a few of the items you picked up from the farmer's market to enjoy while sampling.  

4. Star Gazing

Spring is the perfect time to sit on your rooftop deck or lay out a blanket in the backyard to star gaze. Share stories, roast marshmallows on your fire pit, and sip on a little wine while hanging out together under the beauty of the quiet sky. Download a FREE star gazing app like Sky View and you'll be able to identify all the constellations.  A romantic evening that allows you to relax and unwind is the best way to transition into the next phase of your date....

5. The Game of Love

The next phase being the part of your date where you head to the bedroom to play The Game of Love! This can be a fun date night all on it's own or it can be the conclusion to any of the other spring date ideas. The GOL is a customizable bed sheet board game- you fill in each space on the board with an activity, gift, discussion questions, etc... The Game of Love is so fun as a surprise the first time around, but if you're going for a repeat performance it might be fun to fill in the game board together! You can visit the Idea Vault and pick all your favs! 


Clearly spring is a great time to plan a special date day or night!  Which of our ideas would best fit your relationship? Leave a comment and let us know! 

-Monica & The GOL Team


Jun 13, 2015 • Posted by Adriana

Dag nabbit good stuff you whrppersnappeis!

Apr 28, 2015 • Posted by Laurie Phillips

Ok,seeing how I live in a tiny town theres not much of what you have listed thats available to us.Number 4 is tho,and my hubby and I used to do that a lot and it was wonderful.We dont do it now for reasons I wont go into.But,I was thinking maybe you should come up with stuff that tiny towns people who cant get to the city can do.I really do love number 4.All your ideas are good ones,and I also really like the farmers market one as well.Maybe a picnic in the park,or a stroll/hike through the woods.Maybe a special night in with take out n a movie,turn all phones off and lock the door.Anyway,this is a great thing to do,kudos to all.LP

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