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The Game of Love is such a CLEVER + UNIQUE product that you might have a few questions.  
Don't see your question here- email us at GOLteam@mygameoflove.com for an answer!  

Q: Is My Game of Love sheet reusable? 

A: Yup!  The washable, fabric markers that are included in every GOL kit are perfectly formulated to write on your game board and then, when you're ready you can just pop it in the wash and it will be ready for you to customize all over again! 

Q: I'm trying to surprise my partner- Can you ship in a plain box?

A: We love surprises and GOL is one of the best surprises ever!  Our shipping boxes are completely plain on the outside (our fun branding is on the inside).  We totally understand that this is a covert mission!  

Q: What is your Favorite GOL Activity of All-Time? 

A: Hmm... Good question.  My (Monica) favorite is Body Artist.  Being a creative person, I think it's super fun to get a little messy with our glow in the dark body paint!  

Q: Will the writing on my sheet rub off on my body? 

A: Nope! You shouldn't have a problem with that.  They are washable markers, but are formulated to come off in the washing machine, not during game time! 

Q: Do you Ship Internationally?

Definitely. If your location is not listed, please contact us.  Shipping is done by USPS International. Please note: Any customs taxes or fees levied upon delivery of the product will be the sole responsibility of the buyer. These fees vary greatly depending on location, and The Game of Love is unable to estimate these with your international order. Here is a third-party Duty Tax Calculator you may find helpful in planning your purchase. Bear in mind that Game of Love does not endorse or guarantee any information obtained from it.

How Quickly will my Order Ship?

Game kits will ship within 2-3 business days of the receipt of the order - We ship orders daily M-F, with most shipments leaving at 12pm, so it's likely your order will be shipped even sooner, but we can't guarantee that.  Please note, that if you choose an expedited shipping speed, that time only includes the actual transit, not the order processing and packing/handling time.  If you have questions or a special event you're hoping to have a game kit for, please email us and we'll help figure out the best shipping method.  

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