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How exactly does one start a bed sheet game board company??  Let me tell ya...
My husband Eric and I got married young, think 19ish...Crazy, I know, but 17 years later we're still going strong! Anyhow, I was a 20 year old, broke, college student when our first anniversary rolled around. I wanted to do something awesome and special and unforgettable. I can't exactly remember how the idea came to me, but I pulled out some markers and decided I'd turn our existing bed sheet into a game board and pull off the best surprise ever. Long story short, I did, he loved it, and that's how the very first Game of Love started.  In 2013 I shared my Game of Love idea on East Coast Creative Blog and it went viral!  I’m so proud to say that this game has made a seriously positive impact on couples all over the world! I've received hundreds of emails from people sharing their personal game of love stories, stories of epic surprises, reconnecting after beating Cancer, cold marriages being rekindled, and so many more! Bringing Fun + Games back into relationships is pretty awesome!
If you have a story, I'd love to hear it!  
Thanks for visiting- I'm glad you're here! 
P.S. In case you’re curious, I have 4 awesome kids. I believe it’s important to to be a mom AND put in effort into keeping your relationship exciting and fun! 


Monica Mangin's life is one BIG creative journey.  

TV Host, Designer, Blogger & Entrepreneur, Monica is the CEO and creative director behind East Coast Creative LLC, EC2 Productions and the creator of The Game of Love.  You can catch her using her design & DIY skills as the home expert on The Today Show, Live with Kelly and Ryan, and Lowe's series 'The Weekender'  She owns the popular DIY Blog East Coast Creative where she shares design tips and tricks for creating a life and a home that you love.  Monica has collaborated with celebrity designers like Nate Berkus & Martha Stewart and is currently working on a new DIY Renovation show coming soon! 
Monica is passionately driven to inspire people to create a life & home that fits them just right! Her drive to help couples reconnect and have some creative fun together is what brought The Game of Love to life! 
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