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12 Adult Playdates...

The other day one of my friends came over to hang out for a bit.  Our kids were riding bikes & scooters and we were just chatting.  One of the bikes (a very cool 360 spinning trike) wasn't being used and my friend hopped on it and starting biking in circles, doing 360s, and she said, "Oh my gosh, do you play on these all the time?  They're so fun!?!"
I looked at her like she was crazy and explained I'd never even tried it...  "I'm an adult, why would I be riding my kids bikes?"
 "Umm, because it's fun," she said.
Now, I'm a decently fun mom, but I do those things for my kids, not so much because I think they're fun.  Am I a fun person, sure, we do lots of stuff with friends etc, but my friend and this situation really caused me to wonder when I lost my playfulness!  
Studies have shown that playfulness is in the top 3 traits that play a role in attraction.  How playful are you with your partner?  When is the last time you let your hair down and really played?  
I've rounded up some awesome dates... PlayDates... that will be perfect for Summer 2015! 
12 PlayDate Ideas for Adults! 

 Go To A Carnival

Go on a few rides together, play some ridiculously hard games, hit up the fun house, and share some funnel cake! There are so many local carnivals throughout the summer- channel your inner kid and make a night of it! 

Head to A Trivia Night

 I'll admit- I'm a sucker for good trivia night! I'm competitive and love going with other couples as a group date or just with my husband.  I'm actually the owner of a few XXL beer company tee-shirts as prizes for my trivia victories. Ha!  It's a really fun date and it's cool to see how your strengths compliment each other! My man is all science, math, sports, and some history... I'm pop culture, music, art, literature, and well just all around everything. haha. Kidding! 


Mini Golf

A classic summer date- you can't go wrong with mini golf, as long as you follow it up with some ice cream! 



You haven't lived if you haven't tried Bingo... in college we would go once a month with a big group of friends and it was amazing! Be warned, you will be in the presence of some very serious bingo players... if you see someone with 30+ boards in front of them... don't sit nearby!  It's a super fun time, you might win a little cash, and that dauber might come in handy during a round of Game of Love... just sayin'


Bocce, Cornhole, Croquet or other Yard Games

 No need to go too far for this playdate idea! If you don't have any yard games, borrow from a friend or DIY one in advance!  




Paintball or Laser Tag

Paintball isn't for the weak... you will leave with some bruises and welts, but it might be the ultimate show of playfulness.  If you want all the excitement, but none of the pain, laser tag is a great alternative! 


Marco Polo

We're not talking about Marco polo in a public pool surrounded by kids... if you have a pool or access to a private one, there are some adult variations you can make to this cat and mouse game to make it extra fun! Swimsuits optional! 


Roller Skating

Playdate ideas like roller skating will help bring back that first date, butterflies in the stomach, just getting to know each other feeling.  Sometimes we get too busy and forget to have fun. So lace up those skates, hold hands again, laugh, and play like you did when you first met. 


Pickup Basketball

Lace up your sneaks, grab a ball, and head down to a local park.  There are always people looking to play some hoops- challenge them to a little 2 on 2!  This might be the most hysterical thing you do all summer.  We recommend totally playing the part... wrist sweatbands, vintage jersey, who knows, you might end up being queen and king of the court! 



Go on a scavenger hunt together and find hidden treasures that are mapped out on Geocaching websites with GPS coordinates. Just don't forget to bring an object with you to leave behind for the next person! 


 The Game of Love

GOL is the perfect way to end any of these Playdates!  Nothing is more playful and romantic than surprising your partner with a bedroom board game to finish off the evening!  We have an entire category of mini-games in our Idea Vault if you really want to keep your playful theme going!  All these playdate ideas are fun, but we promise The Game of Love will always be the winner!

We want to help you make this the most playful summer yet!
We're offering 10% off of any Game of Love Kit to our blog readers! 
Use the discount code:  PLAYDATEGOL at checkout! 
I'd love to hear which of our PlayDates you might be adding to your summer bucket list! Got any other suggestions we should add?  Leave a comment below! 
-Monica & The GOL Team

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