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10 Autumn Date Night Ideas

Autumn Date Night Ideas

10 Awesome Autumn Date Night Ideas

1. Corn Maze 
You can easily turn a hayride and corn maze into a fun date night idea, not all local fall activities are just for couples with little ones! Make the corn maze a competition by seeing who can make it out first, or hide somewhere along the maze and tell your significant other to come and find you! 
2. Apple Picking & Making Apple Sauce
One of the great things about autumn date night ideas is that they include yummy fall foods! When you make a trip to your local apple orchard, don't stop the date night there. Head home, put on your cutest apron (clothing underneath optional!) and whip up some apple sauce, apple pies, and other sweet treats together. 
3. Scary Movie on the Move 
Why sit at home to watch a scary movie when you can make it a even spookier date night by taking it on the road?! I love this idea from my friends at the Dating Divas to take a scary movie on the move to a location like a haunted graveyard, a spooky abandoned house, or a deep spot in the woods. It's the perfect way to get cozy with one another during the Halloween season! 
4. Fall Foliage Drive
When there are cruises and train rides centered around it, you know that a road trip to enjoy the fall foliage is a must-do date idea! I might be a little biased, but I think New England is a great place to see some of the best foliage colors. We take the kids up every fall to go apple picking and to visit my family that still lives in the area. 
5. Host a Cocoa & S'mores Date Night w/ Friends
Last year I hosted a fall party with my favorite girls and after we got done enjoying s'mores and hot cocoa, we realized it would have also made a great couples night party too! Fall gets a little chilly, but if you have an outdoor fire pit, hot cocoa, and your date to cozy up with, you won't get cold at all...I promise! 
6. Learn a Fun New Skill Together

Learning something new together can be so much fun!  With sites like Dabble you can sign up for all kinds of classes together.  We think that a Fall Cocktails class would be awesome, and even if you don't become the next drink master, you'll at least be guaranteed some serious fun- just be sure to taste test often! 


7. Friday Night Lights at a Local Team
If you're a big football or sports fan, but just can't get over the price of the tickets, consider supporting your local football team instead. Whether it's the local high school or college, football games of any level are a fun way to spend date night. Bring a thermos full of hot soup or hot chocolate, a blanket to snuggle in together, and you're set! 
8. Take a Hike!
We're not encouraging you to send your partner packing... we want you to do it together!  Pull on your hiking boots, a warm wool sweater and head out on a hike.  We love using this mini tripod so we can capture fun pictures using our iPhone or camera's timer.  
9. Pumpkin Picking & Decorating 
We love picking pumpkins, but the best part of this autumn date night idea is getting to decorate and carve the pumpkins afterwards!  Pumpkins aren't just for Halloween- they're perfect all the way through Thanksgiving!  If you'd like to keep your pumpkins around a little longer than October consider decorating them as a fall centerpiece instead of carving them. 
10. Picnic
Fall picnics are another great way to enjoy being outside together. You could also set up a picnic during your apple or pumpkin picking date! It's a romantic way to enjoy the autumn season together and keep things budget friendly. 
I'd love to hear which of our Autumn Date Night Ideas you have planned for the season? Have other suggestions and dates planned? Leave a comment below!
- Monica & The GOL Team

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