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Printable Sticky Notes

Printable Sticky Notes
Leave some love around your whole house with these printable sticky notes!

You'll want to start with this template, which includes six different designs. Print one of those out, then lay your sticky notes on top of the template page. When you feed the page through the printer, make sure the un-sticky end of your sticky notes is facing upward, and not towards the printer feed– you'll get a mega messy paper jam if you put them in upside down! The more colors, the merrier!
Stick them on the mirror for a little morning message...
or in the refrigerator...
or even on the coffee maker, because we all use that every morning!
I mean, get as creative as you like. These little love notes are the perfect way to bring a smile to those you live with, and a great way to lead up to Valentine's Day!

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