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The Game Of Love: Standard Kit

$ 55.00

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$ 55.00

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Our Standard Kit has everything you need to plan, prepare, and pull-off one of the best nights ever!   

We've designed and printed a blank game board onto a fitted bed sheet. Using our washable fabric markers, fill in each space with an activity, question, gift, or another idea from our Idea Vault. Customize your game to fit your relationship just right! When you're ready to play, you and your loved one will roll the die and together, move along the game board completing each space.  

Our Idea Vault has 100s of fun, creative ideas for you to write on your game board- and you'll have full access with your purchase.  We'll also hook you up with a few completed game board PDFs that you can use as a template if you'd like.  Creating the perfect game is easy and so much fun! 

 Click to View Completed Game Board Sample

Standard Kit Includes:

Fitted Game Board Bed Sheet (100% cotton, 250TC, Queen or King)

3 Washable Fabric Markers (red, black, khaki green)

Plush Game Piece



Access to The Idea Vault 


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