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Sample Game Board

Our Idea Vault has 100s of creative ideas for you to customize your game board so it fits your relationship just right, but sometimes it helps to see a sample!  This board is an example of ideas taken from the WARM & HOT categories in the vault.  

If you're pinched for time, feel free to use this sample as a template for your own game! 



Idea Vault Preview

You'll have full access to The Idea Vault with any Game of Love Kit purchase, but here's a sneak peek of some of our ideas in the WARM & HOT category.

Sample Questions:  

- What's the best date we've ever gone on? What made it your favorite? 

-When do you feel vulnerable? What makes you feel safe?

- Name a dream or goal that you never shared or thought possible.

- Describe the perfect day — what do you do and with whom is it shared?


Sample Mini Games

Massage Pictionary: Draw a picture or write a word on your partner's back with your finger. He/she needs to figure out what you're writing/drawing.

-Language Barrier: Write down some phrases (some can be romantic and some can be funny) in different languages, and your partner has to try to figure out what they mean and/or what language they are in. Give hints if needed to help them figure it out. Once you've broken the language barrier you can do that activity.  Make some sweet and romantic and make some funny like jumping jacks or pushups! 


Sample Activities (Warm)

Staring Contest: Set a timer for 90 seconds and you both have to look deeply into each others' eyes the entire time.  You'll be surprised how connected uninterrupted eye-contact can make you feel! When you're done share some of the things you were thinking during your stare.  

-Slow Dance: Have "your song" or your wedding song ready and take a few minutes to enjoy a slow dance with your favorite dance partner.  

-First Base: Spend 90 seconds sitting side by side JUST kissing.  No hands allowed.  You could even have some fun  trying to recreate the (potentially awkward) 1st kiss you both shared.

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