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Wedding Trivia: 

Before you blow his/her mind with the GOL, watch your wedding video and compile a list of trivia questions:

- How well do you remember the vows?

- Could you name the whole wedding party?

- Could you name (first and last name) the person that married you?

-  What was your embarrassing part?

- What was the funniest part?

- Could you name the order of the ceremony?

- What songs were sung during the ceremony?

- What song did you come in and leave to?

- Did __________ (insert person's name) cry?

- How long was the ceremony (give a 5 minute window)?

- Etc.

Reception Trivia: 

Similar to the Wedding Trivia game, but focus the questions on the reception.

- What was your embarrassing part?

- What was the funniest part?

- Did _______ (insert person's name) get drunk?

- Did __________ (insert person's name) cry?

- What was your first dance song?

- What did you eat?

- Who was the best dancer?

- Etc.

Top five lists:

- Places you'd like to do it

- favorite positions

- people you get a free hall pass with (you know... brad pitt, etc.)

- favorite parts on your partners body

- best times ever having sex with your partner

- biggest fantasies

- childhood fantasies (you know... people/things that got you through puberty - think Topanga from Boy Meets World or that busty girl from saved by the bell... we all have a couple of those)

Favorite ______________ (PG version):

-  Food

-  Restaurant

-  Candy

-  Travel location / vacation

-  Family member

-  Indulgence

-  Beverage

-  Childhood memory

-  etc.


-  Family

       -  How many kids/grandkids will you have?

       -  What will your kids do when they grow up?

       -  What will be their occupations?

-  Possession

       -  What's your dream car, house, boat, etc.?

       -  Odd item that you'd love to have.

-  Occupation you'd love to explore.

-  Dream vacation.  Where?  Doing what?  With whom?

One (or more) things that you don't know about me:

-  Could be as silly as an embarrassing story from high school, or college. 

Bucket List:

-  List of things you'd love to do at least once.

-  Places to visit, adventures to undertake, foods to eat, people to meet, etc.


-  Best memory

-  Worst memory

-  Favorite friend

-  Funniest story

Junior High / High School

-  Worst/best moment

-  Biggest trouble you got into

-  Moment you'd like to take back or do-over

-  Risk you wish you'd taken

Your Sexual History (TOGETHER):

-  Describe your first kiss - When, where, outfit, etc.

-  When/where/how was your first time having sex?  If you've never really talked about it, it's amazing how you can see this event differently!  :)

-  What was the most outrageous place you have had sex?

-  When was your hottest night of sex?


-  What most attracts you to your partner?

-  What is your partner's best feature?

-  What is your partner's best "move"?

-  Tell me about a fantasy.

-  What's one thing you'd like to try but are too afraid to ask?

-  Describe your perfect kiss.

Would you rather:

- Would you rather.... (fill in the blank with your own questions)

If you won the lottery:

-  Where would you live, what would drive, what would you indulge in?


-  Silly things like bugs, heights, small spaces

-  Larger things like money, family, security, etc.

-  Name something you would like to do, but are scared to try.

-  What is your biggest fear? What was your biggest fear as a child, teenager, young adult? Have they changed?


- Write down three things that you love the most about your partner. See if they can correctly guess what is on your mind.

- How do you picture your life in five years? In ten? Discuss your similarities and differences when it comes to the future.

- How would you describe a hero? Who is yours? What heroic qualities does your significant other possess?

- Describe a time when you were touched by someone’s kindness or compassion

- What was your first impression of your partner? Was it accurate? In what ways has your partner changed?

- What is your most embarrassing moment? Decide whose was worse.

- Describe, in detail, a significant event that changed you as a person. Was this a good or bad change?

- What is something that you would like to change about yourself? How can you achieve this? How can your partner help?

- What gives you “butterflies?” If you can recall, when was the last time you felt them?

- In what ways are you most similar to your partner? How are you different? Do these traits help or hinder your relationship?

- What outfit or type of clothing do you love seeing your partner wear? Do you remember what they were wearing on your first date?

- What kind of things do you consider romantic? Plan a romantic date night together or take turns planning a night out.

- What is your favorite way to be touched (sexually or non sexually)?

- Is the glass half empty or half full? Has this outlook changed over the years? What do you think has affected this point of view?

- What motivates you the most in life? What makes you feel discouraged or disengaged?

- What do you consider a relationship deal breaker? What did you consider a relationship deal breaker ten years ago?

- What is the scariest nightmare or recurring dream that you can remember? Together, try to interpret your dreams.

- How has your relationship changed since you started dating? Provide positive and negative examples.

- What is the strongest part of your relationship? What is the weakest? How can you improve the weak spots?

- What traits make you a compatible couple? Do opposites attract?

- In relationships, how do you fight or act during a disagreement? As a couple, do you think you could improve how you handle disagreements? How?

- What is something you need to “let go.” How can you do this? How can your partner help?

- What are the important values in your life? Did your parents impart them on you?

- What characteristics make a strong marriage? Did you observe these characteristics growing up?

- Share a secret. Do you think couples should keep secrets?

- If all of your friends and family members were asked to describe you, who would provide the most accurate description?

- How would you describe your partner to a friend? How do you think your partner would describe you?

- When do you feel most like yourself? Why do you think this is?

- Describe your toughest battle? Did you win or lose? What did you learn from it?

- What was your favorite book or movie as a child? What did you love about it? Do you still enjoy the same type of stories?

- What did you want to be when you were a little kid? Why?

- What would your childhood self think of the person you’ve become? What advice would you give to him or her.

- Who is your celebrity crush? What attracts you to them?

- If you were describing your partner to someone else, what would you say?

- What controversial issue or topic do you feel strongly about?

- Recount a tough obstacle you faced and conquered as a couple. What helped you through it?

- Brainstorm unique date ideas (and hopefully follow through with them).

- When do you feel vulnerable? What makes you feel safe?

- Name a dream or goal that you never shared or thought possible.

- Describe the perfect day — what do you do and with whom is it shared?

- How does your partner make you a better person?  How do they make you worse?

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