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Activities: Smokin Hot

Hold Up Friend:

You're about to enter the SMOKIN' HOT category, which is not for the faint of heart. Some of these ideas are way outside the box! If you're looking for something a lot less wild, check out our WARM, HOT, or HOTTER categories. Relationships are not one size fits all and YOU know your relationship and what works for you better than anyone else! We love that you can create an experience that fits you just right– we don't want you to feel pressured to do or try anything that isn't a good fit! Have Fun! 

Play the Artist:

-  a la The Titanic…

-  Have paper pencil/paint ready and pose!


- Get out the tripod and get in some crazy poses.

- Feel free to start out slow, but I bet once you get going, your imagination will win out!


- Get out the tripod and make your best movie. 

- You don't have to have professional moves – the fun is in the process!

Candy bracelet:

- Put a candy necklace around either of your breast or your man's penis. The other person has to nibble off the candy– but be sure not to bite too hard!

It's all about location:

- Just like real estate, it's all about location.

- Give your partner a list of locations in the house, car, back yard, wherever, and let him/her decide where you end the night!

Mirror Mirror on the Wall:

- You'll be the fairest one of all!

- Have a large, full-length mirror available. Place it anywhere  that will give your partner a view of the action.


- Move to the stairs and continue the fun! 

- You'd be surprised what a change in elevation can do!


- Don't let 50 Shades of Grey give you the wrong impression, handcuffs aren't just for the dominatrix. This activity isn't about bondage, but about doing fun things to your partner without letting them reciprocate.

- Get creative with handcuff alternatives... a tie, bandana, etc.  

- Only try this activity if you're both comfortable with it! 


- Give your partner 2 minutes to "explore" whatever or wherever he/she wants to explore on your body.   

The Fire Maker:

- Put the man's penis in between your hand and rub back and forth like you're making a fire.

- Lubrication suggested.

- Great activity to be combined with ice. 

Sexy Math!

- 9 x 8 - 3 = ???

- 8 x 8 +5 = ???

- 180 / 3 + 9 = ???

- Get the idea… bet your partner will!


- Woman lays on back on bed with legs on standing man's shoulders.

Sultry Saddle:

- Woman on top, but sideways.

Ice ice baby (hotter version):

- Have a bowl of ice and spend 5 minutes using it to stimulate. 

- Put it in your mouth during oral sex

- Rub it on your partner's nipples...

- Rub them on your nipples.

- Stroke up and down your partner's shaft and/or balls.

The Squat:

- Woman on top crouching (squatting) like a catcher on top.

Side-by-side (missionary version or doggy version):

- Basically, it's the standard missionary style or doggy style, but rather than one on top, you both are side-by-side.

Speed Bump:

- Similar to doggy style but woman is flatter on the mattress with a pillow under her stomach.

Body Sweet Treats:

- Wet the tip of your breasts with water and then cover them with sugar.  Give it a minute to dry and then your loved one gets a sweet reward for stimulating your nipples!  (a less messy version would be to suck a hard candy and then rub the sticky candy onto your body).

- The same process can be done with your partner's penis. It will be a fun process for them and make things a little sweeter for you!

Sex Toy Hide-and-Seek:

- Hide a couple toys around the house. Give him/her a small hint on where to find them.  Once your partner finds one, he/she gets to use it on you.

Hot and Cold:

- This game is a unique twist to a normal blow job.

- Basically, you have a couple of foods with completely different temperatures/textures (i.e. ice cream then warm honey, a Popsicle then warm tea/coffee).

- Take a bite of one of the cold foods and begin the activity. After that is gone, take a spoon full of warm honey and keep going. The change in temperature and texture with be something they'd never expect!

Slippery Sex:

- It may be messy, but we don't think anyone will complain!

- Cover your bodies with a natural oil (like coconut oil) and turn up the heat so you work up a sweat.

-Pop Rocks:

- Put a handful of pop rocks in your mouth before going down on your partner. 

- They'll be in for a real surprise!

Blow job practice:

- Have an object ready (banana, his finger, etc.) and give it your best blow job while your partner watches.

- The more you get into it, the more your partner won't be able to resist.

Tantric Sex:

- The Western version of this Eastern practice is to essentially have incredible slow, non-orgasmic intercourse. Focus on feeling each other and being one.

Ball Massage:

- Many people focus on the twig portion of the man's "twig & berries."

- Take some time rubbing and massaging his "berries."

- Let him tell you how hard or soft he likes it. Remember… it's a sensitive area, but if you start slow and ramp it up, you'll both find a place that is just right!

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