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Activities: Hotter

Friendly Reminder:

You're about to enter the HOTTER category, so be prepared for things to get a bit more racy. If you're looking for a little less spice, check out our HOT or WARM category. Relationships are NOT one size fits all and YOU know your relationship and what works for you better than anyone else! We love that you can create an experience that fits you just right– we don't want you to feel pressured to do or try anything that isn't a good fit! Have Fun! 

Strip Tease

- You don't have to have amazing moves to turn it on! 

- Put on some music and whip out your best strip tease. This activity surely will NOT disappoint!

Lap Dance

- Another classic. Pull out a chair, sit your partner on it, and have your way with them!

Role Play

- Have some costumes stashed away and either let your partner pick which role he wants you to play or put some roles in a hat and have him/her pick them out. You're not limited to just one.

- You could be a naughty teacher, a farm girl, a stripper, "girl next door", superhero, or mermaid, let your imagination run wild!

Shower Time

- Take a brief pause in the bedroom to go shower together.

- Have a gel or lotion handy that you can use to help things go "smoothly."

Sexy Pictures ( Version 1 )

- Take some sexy pictures of yourself. Put them in box for him to pull out and look at while you go prepare for another activity.

Boudoir Pictures ( Version 2 )

- Let your partner take pictures of you as you pose in your lingerie or sexiest outfit (which likely is your birthday suit!)

- He'll love looking through the camera and love even more the thought of having those pictures for another time!

Hands Up, Heads Up

- Do your best to get your partner "excited" without using your hands.

- The fun is in the process!

- Twist to the game– have a basket of papers with body parts written on them (hand, feet, lips, tongue, nose etc.). Have your partner choose from the basket and that's what you have to use to start get them going! 

Tell Me More

- Have your partner verbally tell you about the best time you have had sex. The more descriptive the better!

- If your partner is slightly more reserved, you can go first. Once s/he hears you going into detail about what you did and how it feels, your partner will be ready for more!

Whip Cream Bikini

- Need I say more?

Simon Says

- Give your partner 2 minutes where he/she gets to tell you what to do.

- This is a great activity for a partner that has a wild imagination!

Talk Dirty to Me

- Take some time to tell your partner what is coming at the end of the game. Spare no details! Hearing it will drive him/her crazy!

Guess What Part (Hotter Version):

- Your partner lays on his/her stomach and you gently rub one of your body parts (finger, elbow, tongue, nipple, etc.) down his/her back.  

- He/she has to guess what body part it is.  

-  A little lubrication or massage oil will make it harder to guess and maybe a bit more fun as well!

- The imagination is a wild thing... so get creative!

The Punisher: 

- Spend 2 minutes rubbing, kissing, licking him all around his manhood, but never touch it– it will be torture (in a good way).

Nipples anyone:

- They're sensitive, stimulating, and let's be honest… a little intriguing. 

- Time to explore your partner's nipples, or let him/her explore yours.

For the health nut…

- Naked stretching together

- I mean why not limber up before you start sweating?

- Spread those legs and touch your toes!

Naked Yoga

- Your partner may have imagined you in the downward dog NAKED before, but now you can bring that idea to life! 

Gumby (version 1):

- You get to pose your partner in any position you like and take a picture (or just enjoy the view if you're not into pics). You can join in the picture/pose if you like.

- You can start mild and ramp up into some wild positions.

Gumby (version 2):

- Your partner gets to pose YOU in any position he/she likes and take a picture (or just enjoy the view if you're not into pics). Your partner can join in the picture/pose if that would be more fun!

- How does THAT feel?

- Start touching your partner and he/she has to tell you exactly how it feels.

- It's certainly fun to be touched but equally fun doing the touching.

Cheerleader throw-back:

-  Do a topless (or fully naked) cheer leading routine. Make the American Beauty fantasy a reality.

Play Doctor:

- Give a full exam or focus on certain areas that may need "special" attention.

- Gynecologist version

- Come on, what guy hasn't at least thought once or twice that being a gynecologist would be a sweet occupation. Let him give it a try.

Horrible Boss:

- In this version, you are the boss and have 2 minutes to tell your partner exactly what to do - they can't say no. (not that they will want too!)

WrestleMania: (hotter version)

- May sound weird– but have a legit wrestling match… NAKED!

- Time to see who REALLY wants to be on top!

- To make things fair, you can tie your partner's hands behind his back!"

Body Paint:

- Paint on an outfit

- Paint your best tribal patterns

- Write messages

- Use our PaintGlow Body Paint available in the accessories store

Body Marker:

- Use our body tattoo markers to turn your partner into a work of art

- Write little messages on your partners body– write what you love about certain parts

- Draw your own tattoos

Snack Time:

-  It's time to let your partner eat in bed!

-  Have some edible items that your partner can eat/lick off your body.

-  Whipped cream, chocolate sauce, honey, jam, caramel… the stickier the better!

Hearts & Spades:

- Have a deck of playing cards and assign each suit a different activity (i.e. hearts is kissing, spades are oral pleasure, diamonds are a massage, clubs are dancing etc.)

Dice Play:

- Have 2 dice available. One die represents an activity, one die represents an erogenous zone. 

- For example...

-  Die 1:  1) Kiss 2) Suck 3) Massage 4) Lick 5) Nibble 6) you choose

- Die 2: 1) Lips 2) Chest 3) Neck 4) Butt 5) Shoulders 6) you choose

- It's easiest if you write down what each number means, just in case you get caught up in the game and forget! 

Naked Twister:

- Hope you're flexible! And so will your partner!

Spin the bottle (1-on-1 version):

- Get a sheet of paper, divide it up into 6 or 8 sections. In each section put an activity or action that you will do. Spin the bottle and see where it lands. 

- The anticipation is half the fun!  

Truth or Dare:

- If you play this game when your partner is a little more "loosened up", you'll be surprised at some of the answers he/she will give… and the dares they'll be willing to do!

-  Who knows, it may open up the door to a whole new world.

A or B (hotter version):

- Perform two actions that are similar but different (action "A" and action "B"). Your partner has to pick which one he/she likes the best.

Sweet Surprise:

- Suck a hard candy and then rub the sticky candy on a couple places on your body. Tell your partner that s/he has to use his/her tongue to find the spot where you hid his/her "sweet surprise!"

Blind Folded Treasure Hunt:

- Blindfold your partner and put a dab of a sticky sweet treat on your body (chocolate sauce, peanut butter, marshmallow fluff, honey, etc). Your partner has to use his/her tongue and find the treasure!

You've got 30 seconds:

- Have a timer set, because it's key for this game.

- You have 30 seconds to do whatever it is that gives your partner the most pleasure. 30 seconds isn't long enough to finish the job, but will be a really good start!

-  After your 30 seconds, it's your partners turn to try on you. 

- Go back and forth for a couple of turns. Turning into a bit of a competition will make it more exciting (not that you needed more excitement at this point!!!)


- Tell your partner to leave the room with his/her phone. Give your loved one a call and have good old fashioned phone sex.


- Leave the room with your phone, make sure your partner has his/hers, and then send a slew of pics and messages.  

Mile High Club:

- For most people the idea of sex in a 3 square foot public bathroom is enticing, but never something they'd do.

- In this game, pretend you're going to join the mile high club by finding the smallest bathroom in your house and enacting what it would be like to joining the mile high club.

Oh to be young again!

- Pretend you're a youngster again and meet your partner in the car. Remember the joy of making out across the center console or trying to jump over the stick shift to get to your loved one!

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