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Friendly Reminder:

You're about to enter the HOT category, so be prepared for things to heat up a bit more.  If you're looking for a little less spice, check out our WARM category. Relationships are not one size fits all and YOU know your relationship and what works for you better than anyone else! We love that you can create an experience that fits you just right- we just don't want you to feel pressured to do or try anything that isn't a good fit!  Have Fun! 

Remove One Piece of Clothing

- Land on this space and you have to remove a piece of clothing… feel free to do so as seductively or silly as you please!

Massage Me

- Rather than you massaging your partner, let him/her play masseuse for bit!

- Massage Me ________________(enter body part).  You get to choose exactly what body part you want massaged!   

7 Minutes in Heaven

- I mean, who hasn't played this game or at least watched a movie where the "cool kids" played! And if you haven't played it, at least you've at least thought about it… am I right!?!?

- We recommend playing a shortened version (about 2 minutes)

- Actually go into your closet– this whole night is about being together and having some fun! 

Spiderman Kiss

- This might take some acrobatic skill, but it's worth a try! The classic upside-down kiss will make you seem like a superhero to your partner! 

Newlywed Game ( Hot Version )

- You'll be amazed at how fun it is to see how well you know your partner and reminisce about your past together.

- If you've never played, here's the gist... have a list of questions about yourself (music, hobbies, silly things, humiliating things, etc.) or questions about your past (first date, first kiss, etc.).

- Your partner has to try to answer the question correctly.

- If they get it right, they get a reward. A treat, kiss, high-five, anything... and potentially a little punishment for getting it wrong (put on extra clothes, they have to skip a turn, etc...)

Tell Me More

- Have your partner verbally tell you about the best time you have had sex. The more descriptive the better!

- If your partner is slightly more reserved, you can go first. Once s/he hears you going into detail about what you did and how it feels, your partner will be ready for more!

-This could feel awkward at first if you're not a vocal couple, but give it a try- it can be a bit freeing to say what you're thinking! 

Whip Cream Bikini

- Need we say more?

- Purchase the spray version for more accurate bikini design! 

Simon Says

- The basic childhood game, just a whole lot spicier! Direct your partner, but the game ends if they don't wait for the "simon says"  

- Try the reverse: Give your partner 2 minutes where he/she gets to tell you what to do.

- This is a great activity for a partner that has a wild imagination!

Talk Dirty to Me

- Take some time to verbally tell your partner what is coming at the end of the game. Spare no details! Hearing it will drive them crazy!

Point and Kiss

- Your partner gets to point to anywhere and you have to "kiss" there until s/he points somewhere else.

Pic in a box:

- Have pre-printed sexy pictures of yourself that your partner gets to pull out of a box.

- Potentially a great activity to do while you are changing or preparing for another step.

- Can add a game element. Ask them trivia questions about your relationship or your favorite things. They only get to take a picture for each correct answer.  

Guess that body part (picture version): 

- Ahead of time, take very close-up pics of yourself and s/he has to guess what part of your body it is. Reward for right answers.

Guess what part (version 1): 

- Close or cover your partner's eyes. Take their finger, tongue, foot, etc. and gently rub it on a part of you body and your partner has to guess what part it is.

- Reward for right answers

Guess what part (version 2):

- This time, your partner lays on his/her stomach and you gently rub one of your body parts (finger, elbow, tongue, toes, etc.) down his/her back.  

- He/she has to guess what body part it is

Follow the leader: 

- You do something to your partner and he/she has to then do the same thing back when you're done (massage, kissing, rubbing, etc.)

- Take turns being the leader.

Follow the leader (version 2):

- Say a series of activities to your partner and he/she has to then remember the order and do those activities to you.  

- If they mix up the order they have to start the activities combo again or you could have them lose a turn. 

- Take turns being the leader

Language Barrier: 

- Write down some phrases (can be sexual activities & silly activities) in different languages, and your partner has to try to figure out what they mean and/or what language they are in. Give some hints if needed and when he/she gets it right, they can do whatever the phrase said.

- Have some fun with your phrases. Make some romantic activities and others silly like jumping jacks and push-ups! 

Blindfold 1:

- You'd be surprised how exciting a blindfold can be!

- Blindfold your partner and have him or her guess what you're about to do or what you're doing.  The excitement alone is super fun! 

Blindfold 2:

- Blindfold your partner and tell him/her what you want them to do to you.  They have to see just how well they know you, without being able to see you!  

- This is romantic, but can also get really silly! Whatever way it goes, just roll with it!  

2nd Base:

- Listen ladies, all cards on the table here… there's no substitute to letting your man see, touch, kiss, explore your boobs.  

- Alternate titles for this square:  Mountain Climber, Love the Ladies, Peak Show (as in mountains), etc..

Top five lists: 

- Make several "top 5 lists" topics and have fun laughing about and maybe even exploring your answers later! 

- Odd/Exciting places you'd like to fool around

- Favorite positions

- Celebrities you'd get a "free hall pass" with (you know... Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie etc.)

- Favorite parts on your partner's body

- Best times ever with your partner

- Biggest fantasies

- Childhood LOVE– You know... major crushes on characters that got you through those awkward middle school years– think Topanga from 'Boy Meets World', the 'Saved by the Bell' girls, Jared Leto circa 'My-So-Called-Life'

Hickey Contest!

- OK, this sounds weird, but hear us out. Some people mark very easily, and some people don't. Take turns seeing how easily you and your partner hickey.  

- Word of warning, if you will be seeing friends, family, co-workers, KIDS!!!, in the next few days, you definitely want to try body parts that you can hide. Having to wear a turtleneck in the summer is never cool! 

- You can even try finding the body parts that work the best!

One-way Kissing:

- Kiss your partner without letting him/her kissing back. It sounds odd, but it will be pure torture for your partner and he/she will love every second of it!

Name that Term: 

- There are hundreds (maybe thousands) of slang terms for body parts, positions, actions, etc. Some of them are intuitive (doggy style) but some of them are outrageous (G-whiz).

- Come up with a list of innuendos and see if your partner can figure out what it means.

- You can even put some fake ones in there and see if your partner can distinguish the real ones from the fake!

Nickname game:

- Have a list of nicknames for each of your body parts, and see if your partner can identify what goofy name goes with which part.

Anatomy and Physiology: 

- Find the "technical" term for various body parts and your partner has to try to identify them. Reward for correct answers.

Classic Kissing: 

- The is the hot version, so let loose and have a couple minutes of passionate kissing.

Anatomy and Physiology Exam: 

- Your partner has to give the technical name for some of your scandalous body parts.  Do a bit of research ahead of time.

Adult Pictionary:

- Have a list of positions, body parts, etc. and you and your partner have to take turns drawing what's on the card. 

- Nothing is funnier than trying to put stick-figures into sexual positions!  Give it a try!

Slang game: 

- A twist on a classic drinking game where you are given a category and go around in a circle naming something within that category. First person who pauses loses.

- In this game, the category could be slang names to a body part or positions. You go back and forth with your partner and see who's imagination gets them further! You'll be rolling on the floor hearing your partner belt out all the nicknames for for body parts that they remember from high school!  


-  May sound weird– but have a legit wrestling match.

-  Time to see who REALLY wants to be on top!

-  Warning: wrestling often leads to tickling! 

Ice ice baby (hot version): 

- Have a bowl of ice and spend 5 minutes using it to stimulate.

- Rub it up and down his back.

- Put it in your mouth and kiss him.

- Let it sit/melt on you and he gets to lick it off.

Watch a romantic movie scene (R)

Dueling artists:

- Using body paint turn your partner's body into a canvas and decorate, color, and design on his/her body.

Fashion Designer

- Let your partner use body paint to paint an outfit on you!

Landscaping Time:

- Go hit the shower and give your partner a razor. He/she gets to make smooth any parts of your body that he/she desires!

More than just a slow dance:

- Put on some music and let loose in a sexy dance that will get both of you hot and sweaty!

- Whether fast or slow, let your bodies and hands get much more involved!


-Pump up the jamz and get your grind on. You have two minutes to dance down and dirty! 

Boudoir Pictures (version 1):

- Before the big night, take some boudoir pictures of yourself looking fine and sexy. Wrap them up for your partner to pull out and look at.

- Great activity for give while you leave the room to prepare for something else.

Boudoir Pictures (version 2):

- Let your partner take pictures of you as you pose in your sexiest outfit or lingerie.  

- Your partner will love looking through the camera and love even more the thought of having those pictures for another time!

Hide and Go Seek - naked of course!

- It sounds silly, but I promise you your partner won't think it's silly when s/he finds you hiding naked somewhere in the house!

- Make sure you provide a reward when you're found!

Body shots:

- For those of you not familiar with spring break, here's the Urban Dictionary's definition: "A body shot is a crazy way of doing shots of tequila. Your lime is held in your partner's mouth and the salt put on a body part (stomach, neck, etc) You lick the salt off of them, take your shot and then eat the lime out of their mouth." 

Body Paint:

- We have a great collection of glow in the dark body paint! Shop PaintGlow Body Paint 

- Play artist 

- Paint an outfit

Body Masterpiece

- For this activity you'll need a really large piece of paper– we recommend using bulletin board paper which can be found at any craft store

- Place the paper on the bed

- Take turns painting each other's bodies and then hop on your paper and use your bodies to make your own masterpiece!  


20 (Naughty) Questions:

- Have a position, activity, or something fun in mind and your partner has 20 questions to try to figure out what you are thinking of.

-  Optional: you get to do what you were thinking of if they get it right.

A or B (hot version):

-  Perform two actions that are similar but different (action "A" and action "B"). Your partner has to pick which one he/she likes the best. 

-  Example 1:  Kiss slowly and softly (A) then make it french and get a bit more intense (B).

-  Example 2:  Suck on ear lobe (A) then gently nibble on the neck (B).

Would You Rather (Adult Version):

-  In this spin-off version of the classic "Would You Rather…" game,  you come up with two actions or activities and have your partner pick which one he/she would rather do.

-  After a couple questions, your partner will likely want to start asking you some questions of their own.

-  Don't be afraid to get wild with the questions - laughing with each other is half the fun - thinking about (and potentially doing) the activities is the rest of the fun!

-  Examples: Would you rather fool around in a place where we might get caught OR not be able to fool around for a month!  

Deal or No Deal: 

-  Offer your partner a series of questions that would require her/him to pay for (in some way or shape) a sexual favor in return.

-  For example: Would you give up your left index finger for a blow job from me every day for the rest of your life?

The Naughty Bucket List:

-  If your comfortable sharing your wildest fantasies, go back and forth and share what would be on your "naughty" bucket list.

-  Who knows… maybe you'll find something you can explore later on in the game!

Hide and Seek Tattoo Version:

-  Place 4 or 5 of our temporary tattoos on strategic parts of your body.  Give your partner 90 seconds to see if s/he can find them all.

-  Make sure your loved one has checked all your nooks and crannies (if you know what we mean!)

Shop Tattoos Now

Sexy Scrabble:

-  Pick 10 letters and see who can make the most risque phrase!

-  It'll stimulate your mind AND your libido!

Name that Treat:

-  Have a variety of treats (chocolate sauce, peanut butter, marshmallow fluff, honey, etc.).  Blindfold your partner and put a dab of each somewhere on your body and your partner has to identify what it is.

Treasure Hunt:

-  Give your partner a list of activities he/she has to do in order to receive the treasure (treasure can be a small prize, treat, or anything you like).

-  Activities your partner may have to do could be things such as removing your underwear with just his/her teeth, undo your bra with one hand, give you a back rub (or front rub)... 

Erotic Reading:

-  Romance novels are all the rage right now. Find a couple juicy passages and give your best reading performance.  

Melted Chocolate:

-  Warm up chocolate from our organic chocolate making kit so it's melted, but not hot.  Drizzle it down your or your partner's body and enjoy the sweet treat that is your partner's body!

Shop Chocolate Now

Melted Chocolate Competition:

-  You each get a turn making a design or picture out of melted chocolate drizzle on your partner's body. Feel free to use special body parts as part of the picture!

-  Best picture is the winner!  

-  Feel free to take a photograph to remember it all!

Candy Buttons:

-  Lick-and-stick candy buttons all over your body. Your partner gets to eat them off!

Edible Body Painting:

-  Have a bowl of chocolate pudding and decorate your body or your partner's body any way you please. Unlike with most foods… the fun is in the cleanup!

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