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Couples Halloween Costumes

Halloween is the perfect time to get creative and have some fun with
your favorite partner in crime.
Whether you want to be sexy, cute, spooky, or scary-
we've collected some of our favorite costumes for couples this year.
Perfectly Paired Wine & Cheese
From FunWorld this Perfectly Paired Wine And Cheese Set includes
Adult Plug & Socket Costume
Turn each other on with this fun and hilarious
plug & socket costume!
Suzy & Sam: Moonrise Kingdom
There’s no better way to show off
your young love than as Suzy & Sam
Show that you belong together just like
Milk & Cookies!
Whip & Nae Nae
Plan on dancing the night away?
You can always create this
DIY dance move costume in no time!
Avocado Toast Couples Costume
Who can resist a perfect avocado?!
This costume shows off just how well you
two go together,
just like Gisele and Tom displayed last year…
Gisele’s Instagram
Mike & Eleven Costume
Show off your fan obsession for
Stranger Things
with an easy DIY version of Mike & Eleven!
Johnny & Baby
Have the time of your life as Johnny & Baby from Dirty Dancing!
...and if you’re in a love triangle,
or have a single friend who just wants to join in on the fun!
Rock Paper Scissors Costume

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