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Sweet Treats


-  Chocolate

-  Chocolate covered strawberries

-  Grapes (great for feeding one by one!)

-  Banana… because… well… you know… no one wants to cramp up!

-  Juicy Fruit - No, not the gum!  Any juicy fruits are great to use in bed.  Watermellon, cantelope, peach, etc.

-  Mango - the texture and juices are a perfect sexual food!


-  Chocolate sauce

-  Whipped cream

-  Marshmallow fluff - don't underestimate this one!  Sticky, sweet, and will take some effort to lick off!

-  Cherries (not sure if this counts as a fruit or a topping…)

-  Caramel

-  Butterscotch

Hard Candies:

-  Jolly Ranchers

-  Sprees

-  Sweet Tarts

-  Candy hearts

-  Lolly pops

-  War heads

- Candy Necklace

- Breath mints

- Candy Buttons - Great for licking-and-sticking.

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- Fondu or chocolate fountain (Tasty for sure, but great for doing other activities in the bedroom!)

- Chocolate Pudding

- Melted Chocolate to drizzle 

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- great way to cool down, your mouth or your body!



-  Champagne

-  Coffee - to help keep your energy going!

-  Ameretto Cranberry Kiss:  The amaretto contributes sweet almond flavors and the cranberry adds a tart finish.  And the bright red color has love written all over it.

-  Forbidden Love Cocktail:  - 2 oz. Hendricks gin,  1 oz. blood orange juice, Dash simple syrup, 2 strawberries,  4 slices of cucumber - Muddle fruit with simple syrup, add gin and blood orange juice.   Shake and strain into a martini glass.  Garnish with strawberry, cucumber spiral and orange peel hearts.

-  Chocolate Margarita:  - 3 parts chocolate milk (store bought or homemade),  1 part Sauza Silver Tequila,  1 part strawberry puree or daiquiri mix,  Chocolate covered strawberry - Combine chilled chocolate milk, Sauza and strawberry puree in a tall glass.   Stir vigorously to combine.  Pour into a glass and garnish with a chocolate covered strawberry.


- The original aphrodisiac.

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