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Happy Holidays!

You're about to enter the NAUGHTY SANTA category, so be prepared for things to heat up a in Seasonal Way!  We've rounded up some of the best, Christmas and Holiday themed ideas for couples and these ideas include ideas from Warm to Smokin' Hot!  If you're looking for a little less spice, check out our WARM or HOT categories for non-holiday specific ideas. Relationships are not one size fits all and YOU know your relationship and what works for you better than anyone else! We love that you can create an experience that fits you just right- we just don't want you to feel pressured to do or try anything that isn't a good fit!  Have Fun and Happy Holidays! 


Put a Bow on it

- Land on this space and you have to remove a piece of clothing… feel free to do so as seductively or silly as you please!

Massage Me

- Rather than you massaging your partner, let him/her play masseuse for bit!

- Massage Me ________________(enter body part).  You get to choose exactly what body part you want massaged!   

7 Minutes in Heaven

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