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Activities: Warm

Friendly Reminder:

You're about to enter the WARM category, which we consider pretty PG for couples. If you're looking for a little more spice, check out our HOT category. Relationships are not one size fits all and YOU know your relationship and what works for you better than anyone else! We love that you can create an experience that fits you just right– we don't want you to feel pressured to do or try anything that isn't a good fit! Have Fun! 

Massage _______ (insert body part)

- A creative twist is to have a set of index cards that has a different body part and every 45 seconds (or so) your partner chooses a picks a different card.

- Example body parts for warming up include neck, head, upper/lower back, feet, hand, shoulders, etc.

Massage Techniques

- Take 30-seconds or so and try a different massage technique and see which one your partner likes the best.

- Soft touch, scratching, deep massage, light fingers, etc.

Massage With What?!?!

- Find various items around the house that might feel nice as a massage tool. Use it on your partner's back and see if he can guess what it is - and which one feels the best!

- It can be anything such as a rolling pin, meat tenderizer, work tool, or even a child's toy (think matchbox cars).

Bonus Points

Notes: have a box or basket with little note cards or even scrap pieces of paper. On each card/paper, have one reason why you love your partner written on it. Nothing sets the mood quite like making him/her feel like the bomb :)

I love you because (competitive version):

- Take turns saying I love you because ______________

- Whoever pauses first loses… and has to pay.

Sweet Treat:  

Candy Making or Chocolate Making Kit

Champagne or Wine:

- Enjoy a drink of champagne or wine (make it yourself with our artisan wine making kit) before going on to the next activity. 

Staring Contest:

- Set a timer for 90 seconds and you both have to look deeply into each others' eyes the entire time.  You'll be surprised how connected uninterrupted eye-contact can make you feel!

Back in college:

- Play some old school drinking games to just help get you loosened up and remind you of the fun times you used to have (or maybe still do!)

- Examples: beer pong, flip cup, pennies, or make up some of your own.  

Newly-Wed Game (warm-version):

- You'll be amazed at how fun it is to see how well you know your partner and reminisce about your past together.

- How to play: have a list of questions about yourself (music, hobbies, silly things, humiliating things, etc.) or questions about your past (first date, first kiss, etc.). Your partner has to try to answer the question correctly– answering what you've already written down.

- If they get it right, they get a reward (treat, kiss, high-five, anything! You could also add a penalty for a wrong answer (putting on an extra layer of clothing etc)

- To spice this game up even more, see the HOT version

Strip Poker / Strip Black Jack

- The classic card games where when you lose, your partner wins!


- Give your partner a small gift– check out our gifts vault category or visit the gift section of our store.

Slow Dance

- Slow dance to your favorite song.

- Slow dance to your wedding song.

Dance Off:

- Cue up some killer beats, next you both have 60 seconds each to bust out your best moves.  

-  Even if you aren't the dancing type, this is guaranteed to at least make you laugh! 

Wedded Bliss

- Watch a part of your wedding video.

Wedding Trivia: 

Prep this one ahead of time. Watch your wedding video and compile a list of trivia questions from the big day!

- How well do you remember the vows?

- Can you name the whole wedding party?

- Can you name (first and last name) the person that married you?

- What was your most embarrassing part of that day?

- What was the funniest part?

- Can you name the order of the ceremony?

- What songs were played during the ceremony?

- What song did you come in and leave to?

- Did __________ (insert person's name) cry?

- How long was the ceremony (give a 5 minute window)?

Reception Trivia: 

Similar to the Wedding Trivia game, but focus the questions on the reception.

- What was the most embarrassing part?

- What was the funniest part?

- Did _______ (insert person's name) get drunk?

- Did __________ (insert person's name) cry?

- What was your first dance song?

- What did you eat? (But honestly, who actually gets to eat at their own wedding!?!)

- Who was the best dancer?

- What crazy things did _____________ (enter name of crazy relative) say this time?

Watch a romantic movie scene (PG / PG-13):

- The Notebook

- Dirty Dancing

- Top Gun (Take my breath away)

Movie Trivia: 

Have a list of the top steamy movie scenes. If you're tech-savvy, you can have some scenes cued up and see if your partner can name that movie. For the less tech-savvy, you can describe the scene and see if your partner can name the movie.

- The Notebook

- Dirty Dancing

- Top Gun (Take my breath away)

- Unfaithful (bathroom scene)


Our Songs:

- Have a list of songs that remind you of certain events in your relationship. Play a portion and see if they remember its significance.

- Or the reverse...You name the event or time period and see if your partner can name the song.

Name that love song, 2 ways to play:

- 1) Have a set of songs cued up and your partner has to name the song and/or artist.

- 2) You have to sing the song and he/she has to name it.

Cross Dress:

- Make him put on your underwear, pants, even a bra (if he's crazy enough) see how he likes it…

Classic Kissing:

- No one will ever turn down a couple minutes of good old fashioned kissing! Keep it PG - this is the "warm" section!

Top five lists: 

Make several "top 5 lists" topics and have fun exploring your answers.

- Places you'd like to see.

- Nicest things your partner has done for you

- Reasons you love your partner

- Etc. "

Massage Pictionary:

- Draw a picture or write a word on your partner's back with your finger. He/she needs to figure out what you're writing/drawing.

Clean-up time:

- This game will likely be a surprise for your loved one and they may not be "ready" for some of the action to come. You can plan it so after a couple fun activities, he/she will land on a space that lets your partner to freshen up.  

- You can add this into a "hotter" category by adding a shower or other activities, but some people prefer to do the cleaning themselves.  You know what works best for you!


Feather Tickler:

- Make your partner lie down and request no movement. 

- Pull out a feather or duster and tickle him/her. 

- See how long he/she can go without giving in!


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One step forward, one step backward:

- Have a list of questions about yourself or your relationship. You sit on the bed and your partner is in the doorway. Every time your partner gets a question right, s/he can step toward you. If s/he gets it wrong then they have to take a step backward.

Guess that Object:

- Simply have a set of objects (fork, feather, brush, etc.) and gently touch your partner with each object. He/she has to identify each object.

A or B (warm version):

- During a massage, perform two actions that are similar but different (action "A" and action "B"). Your partner has to pick which one he/she likes the best. 

- Example 1: do a deep muscle rub (A), then a light/sensitive touch (B).  

- Example 2: Give a foot massage (A) then a neck massage (B).

1st Kiss All Over Again:

- Pretend that you are on your first date all over again and try to enact the perfect first kiss.  

- No one said you can't try more than once!

Pick-up Line Time:

- It may have been a while since you've had to use one, but go back and forth with your partner and try out some pickup lines.

- Prizes for the best pick-up line and the most outrageous pick-up line!

Bedroom Memory:

- A fun and romantic twist on the classic game of memory. See details here

Strip Horse:

- Grab your kid's mini b-ball hoop and have a fun game of strip horse. It will be a fun and great way to get the juices flowing!

Lady of the Night:

- Tell your partner that you need to "freshen up," now go to the bathroom and turn your boring makeup into a fiery, sexy, new look!

Playing Cards (warm version):

- Have a deck of playing cards and pull a card one at a time. Each suit will be a different action.

- For example: Hearts = massage, diamonds = kiss, clubs = sweet treat, spades = love note

Dice (warm version):

- Assign an action to each number on one of the die and a body part on the other. Roll the dice and do the rolled action to the rolled body part.

- For example, 

Body Part Die: 1=neck, 2=head, 3=foot, 4=hand, 5= back, 6=you pick

Action Die: 1=deep rub, 2=kiss, 3=tickle, 4=soft touch, 5=scratch, 6=you choose

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