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Multi-Color Fabric Marker Set

$ 6.00

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Gift Ideas for Her Game of Love gifts for her game of love

$ 6.00

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We LOVE color and think MORE color is always a good thing!!  Our Multi-Color Fabric Marker Set lets you get extra creative on your game board! 

These washable, fabric markers are a great addition to the standard colors included with The Game of Love Kit.  

Includes:  4 Markers

Magenta  |  Purple  |  Blue  |  Green*

*You're getting 4 markers at the price of 3 - The extra green is a freebie for you because we had a little color mix up on our end! Enjoy!! 

Care Instructions:  Markers are intended for GOL fabric sheets.  Machine wash to remove ink.  If you're using them on other fabrics, we recommend doing a test swatch first. You should be good to go, but it's always better to check first!  

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