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10 Winter Date Night Ideas

Winter is... cold, stuffy, and gets old real fast, am I right? We've rounded up a few creative ideas to keep your date night flame burning that's sure to keep the winter blues away!

1. Start a Bonfire!

It might be cold out, but build a big enough fire, and you'll be plenty warm! Make it extra cozy with some blankets, hot cocoa or a nice hot, spiked cider!

2. Throwback Party for Two

There's just something about those old movies that brings back the memories of young love and the early days of your relationship, so why not re-live it with a 'Throwback Night?!' Old movies, recreate your first date meal, listen to your favorite bands from years ago... the possibilities are endless! 

3. Outdoor Ice Skating

Embrace the cold weather, and go ice skating! It's not about skill here, it's about spending time with your special someone doing something you don't normally do! Follow up with some hot cocoa!

4. Game Night

Get some friendly competition flowing with a good old-fashioned board game night! 

5. Blind Taste-Test Cooking Night

Does your partner love to cook? How about they make a variety of dishes, and you have to taste test them blindfolded! The mystery is sure to kindle some fun times!

6. Attend a Local Paint Night

This is for the artistic couples, and even for the not-so-creative! Most towns offer Paint Nights where you can sip your favorite adult beverage and paint along with the instructors– sure to unleash the creative in everyone!

7. Go Bowling

Nothing fancy– grab your bowling shoes and just have fun!

8. Attend a Cooking Class

Not so great at cooking? That's ok– attend a cooking class, and you'll both learn to make some awesome dishes and have fun together!

9. Home Spa Night

Let's face it– spa's are expensive, and not everyone can head to the tropical islands for a couple's massage, so make it happen at home! Whether it's an essential oils bubble bath, or foot rubs, you're both sure to love this one!

10. Surprise your Partner with Game of Love!

Of course, Game of Love! It's an awesome way to surprise your partner, and it's easily done... just put the fitted sheet game board right on your bed, and cover it up– voila! They'll never see it coming, and it'll be a night you won't forget!

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